Olesja Cormney

Managing Counsel, Labor and Employment at Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

Olesja Cormney is managing counsel in the labor and employment group for Toyota Motor North America, Inc., a mobility company headquartered in Plano, TX. She is a strategic counsel and a proactive problem solver, offering an innovative perspective and an agile approach based on her prior business experience. Cormney is honored to be on the board of the ACC Dallas Fort-Worth Chapter.

My Articles

DEI, ESQ.: Age Is Not Just a Number — Embrace Generational Diversity

Let’s be frank – out of all aspects of diversity and inclusion preoccupying our minds, generational or age diversity is likely last on the priority list. That is, if it is even on the list. Learn why that’s a mistake and how to counter it to the benefit of your staff and business. #ACCDocket, #DEI

The Forgotten Piece of DEI: Cultural Intelligence

Organizations should consider cultural intelligence (CQ) as part of their #DEI strategy. DEI, Esq. columnists Jane Howard-Martin, Connie Almond, Olesja Cormney, Jennifer N. Jones, and Meyling Ly Ortiz and the Cultural Intelligence Center break down the essentials of CQ and how you can implement it in your workplace. #ACCDocket

Say Yes to Well-being: How Daily Incremental Changes Can Transform our Lives

And although our busy lives may often get in the way, the basic truth is that to be a good lawyer, you must be a healthy lawyer. There is simply no way around this. There may be temporary fixes to your stress, but the only way to have a healthy long-lasting career is to be making healthy choices every day.

Mindful Inspiration: How to Start a Well-being Movement for Your ACC Chapter

In early 2019, two attorneys in the ACC Southern California Chapter, Jill Kalliomaa and Jeff Compangano — both passionate about health and wellness — became inspired to create an attorney well-being focus for their chapter. A few months later, their chapter formally launched the Attorney Well-being Committee to help its members find healthy ways to manage the stress inherent in the fast-paced in-house law practice.

Learn Your World: Latvia

Latvia, the best kept secret for tourists in northeastern Europe, boasts 330 miles of coastline along the Baltic Sea, and borders Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus. Latvia’s advantageous geographic location has made it attractive historically to conquerors: the Germans, Swedes, Danes, Poles, and Russians ruled over Latvia at some point in history, leaving an imprint on the country’s personality, culture, architecture, and economy.