Jill Kalliomaa

Senior Legal Counsel at GNF in La Jolla, CA

Jill Kalliomaa is senior legal counsel for GNF in La Jolla, CA, a drug discovery research institute for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. Kalliomaa’s practice has included contracts, compliance, and intellectual property, and she has broad experience in creating solutions and relationships for innovative industries including biotech and telecommunications. Kalliomaa has been serving on the ACC Southern California Chapter Board since 2016 and is a co-creator and co-chair of the chapter’s newly formed attorney well-being committee.

My Articles

Say Yes to Well-being: How Daily Incremental Changes Can Transform our Lives

And although our busy lives may often get in the way, the basic truth is that to be a good lawyer, you must be a healthy lawyer. There is simply no way around this. There may be temporary fixes to your stress, but the only way to have a healthy long-lasting career is to be making healthy choices every day.

Mindful Inspiration: How to Start a Well-being Movement for Your ACC Chapter

In early 2019, two attorneys in the ACC Southern California Chapter, Jill Kalliomaa and Jeff Compangano — both passionate about health and wellness — became inspired to create an attorney well-being focus for their chapter. A few months later, their chapter formally launched the Attorney Well-being Committee to help its members find healthy ways to manage the stress inherent in the fast-paced in-house law practice.