Editorial Calendar


The ACC Docket prioritizes specific themes on a quarterly basis but maintains coverage across practice areas throughout the year. After receiving a proposal, editorial staff will evaluate the best time for it to be published. Below are suggested topics in line with our content strategy, but the Docket welcomes proposals on all areas of interest to in-house counsel.   


Ethics & Compliance  

  • Anti-bribery and Anticorruption
  • Whistleblowing Rules and Regulations
  • Executive Ethics and Duties
  • Antitrust
  • All Things ESG
  • Intersection of Ethics and Tech

Law Department Management  

  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent  
  • Remote Teams
  • Legal Ops
  • Future of Office Space
  • Process Workflow Improvement


Global Issues  

  • The Intersection of Privacy Laws
  • Future of Business Travel
  • Climate Change
  • International Sanctions and Trade Wars
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • European Commission’s AI Rules

Diversity & Inclusion  

  • Recruiting, Retention, and Promotion of a Diverse Workforce
  • Maturity Model for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gender and Racial Parity in the Legal Profession
  • Measuring Vendors and Outside Counsel
  • Protecting the Pipeline of Diverse Talent



  • The Career Lifecycle of an In-house Counsel
  • Maintaining Relationships with the Board and Executive Team
  • Wellness and Mental Health
  • Changing Industries  
  • Negotiating Promotions  
  • Navigating Change from Peer to Supervisor

Special Publications: ACC’s Top 10 30-Somethings, ACC Value Champions  



  • Telecomm in Emerging Economies
  • What to Understand About Emerging Technology
  • Ransomware and Cyber Insurance
  • Data Breaches and Cybersecurity Best Practices
  • Intersection of Ethics and Tech

Risk Management  

  • What to Know About Corporate Debt
  • Crisis Management Communications
  • When to Litigate
  • Risk Considerations in a COVID World
  • Going Public
  • Dealing with the Government