Meyling "Mey" Ly Ortiz

Managing Counsel, Labor and Employment at Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

Meyling "Mey" Ly Ortiz is managing counsel of employment at Toyota Motor North America, Inc. Her passions include mentoring, championing diversity and inclusion and a personal blog: At home, you can find her doing her best to be a "fun" mom to a toddler and a preschooler and chasing her best self on her Peloton. You can follow her on LinkedIn. And you knew this was coming: her opinions are hers alone.

My Articles

DEI, ESQ: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI, Esq. columnists Olesja Cormney, Jane Howard-Martin, Connie Almond, Jennifer N. Jones, and Meyling Ly Ortiz explore the benefits of using AI for DEI in the workplace and provide useful tips in-house counsel can use to ensure compliance with relevant laws. #ACCDocket #inhouse #DEI

DEI, ESQ.: Age Is Not Just a Number — Embrace Generational Diversity

Let’s be frank – out of all aspects of diversity and inclusion preoccupying our minds, generational or age diversity is likely last on the priority list. That is, if it is even on the list. Learn why that’s a mistake and how to counter it to the benefit of your staff and business. #ACCDocket, #DEI

The Forgotten Piece of DEI: Cultural Intelligence

Organizations should consider cultural intelligence (CQ) as part of their #DEI strategy. DEI, Esq. columnists Jane Howard-Martin, Connie Almond, Olesja Cormney, Jennifer N. Jones, and Meyling Ly Ortiz and the Cultural Intelligence Center break down the essentials of CQ and how you can implement it in your workplace. #ACCDocket