Spiwe L. Jefferson

Deputy General Counsel at Amplify

Spiwe Jefferson leads teams and advises in core legal areas including: all aspects of HR and employment, regulatory compliance, ethics, anti-bribery, international law, government procurement, cyber and information security, complex commercial agreements, commercial insurance, business and legal risk mitigation, claims / disputes / litigation.

Spiwe is also a certified mindfulness practitioner and author of the book Mindful in 5: A Year of 5-Minute Meditations for People with No Time, available at myriad book outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books.

My Articles

I’m Out! 7 Things to Do When a Key Employee Leaves

Key employees are highly valued, usually highly compensated, and have key decision-making roles in the organization. Their position and seniority also gives them access to deeply sensitive corporate information; they know where the bodies are buried! It is important to take measured steps to protect the company upon notice of the voluntary departure of a key employee.