Caterina Cavallaro

Managing Legal Counsel at VGW Holdings Limited

Caterina Cavallaro is managing legal counsel at VGW.

She combines technical legal skills with practical business understanding and a love of innovation, project management, and legal technology to improve ways of working within the legal industry. She is a member of the ACC's In-House In-Health and Legal Technology and Innovation Special Interest Groups.

In addition to her legal skills she has a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellness and is a freelance writer. Her “Positively Legal” column for the ACC Docket focuses on the intersection of neuroscience, positive psychology, and in-house practice by interviewing experts and fellow lawyers and curating up to date quality research, podcasts and books to help lawyers learn to take control of their own wellness and support their careers.

Outside of work, Cavallaro loves traveling, snorkeling, meditating and spending time in nature.

My Articles

Positively Legal: Using Travel and Nature to Avoid Burnout

Positively Legal Columnist Caterina Cavallaro spoke with GCs Freya Smith, Catriona McGregor, Teresa Cleary, Kate Jones, Chad Aboud, and Michelle Bryant about the daily rituals and positive practices that set them up for success at work and in life, including the importance of exercise, maintaining a fun disposition, and practicing gratitude and meditation. #ACCDocket #wellness