Office Organization Checklist


  • As you start the day, check your priority list and your calendar for the day
    • Tip: Review your planner in the morning, after lunch, and before you leave to stay on schedule.
  • As the day progresses, reassess what you will finish today and what can be finished tomorrow
  • At the end of day, take stock of the tasks you have accomplished from today’s to-do list
  • Draft your to-do list for tomorrow, and rank tasks/projects by priority
  • Organize paperwork: file or discard per your company’s policies (e.g., archive, shred, etc.)
    • Tip: Spend 5 minutes decluttering your workspace after lunch or work to reduce cleaning time later in the week.
  • Protect privileged or confidential documents/files ⁠— physically and electronically
    • Tip: Set up automatic log-out, lock screen during breaks, log out of computer when leaving the office, lock file cabinets.
  • File receipts for timely processing and reimbursement
  • Discard trash from your workspace
  • Put away dishes, coffee mugs, etc.


  • Review your past week
    • What substantial progress have you accomplished regarding key projects/goals?
    • What planned tasks did you not complete?
  • Plan your upcoming week
    • What substantial progress/major goals do you need to accomplish next week?
    • Draft your to-do list for the first day of next week.
  • Spend 5 minutes cleaning your workspace at the end of the week


Allot one organizing and one cleaning task to different weeks instead of front-loading them. For example:

  • Week one
    • Organizing: Review paper files, and dispose of unneeded confidential documents per company policies.
    • Cleaning: Dust/wipe your desk, computer screen, and cabinets.
  • Week two
    • Organizing: Review email inbox, and delete or archive unnecessary emails per company policies.
    • Cleaning: Disinfect your keyboard, mouse, and phone, especially during cold season.
  • Week three
    • Organizing: Review computer desktop, and delete or archive unnecessary files per company policies.
    • Cleaning: Transcribe any memos from your sticky notes into your planner, notebook, or calendar as needed.
  • Week four
    • Organizing: Plan the upcoming month by scheduling meetings and deadlines in your planner, calendar, etc.
    • Cleaning: Spend 10 minutes decluttering your workspace.


  • Review office organizing and cleaning habits annually and consider needed adjustments
  • Consider buying new office supplies or replacing old ones to simplify these habits

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