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The Right Legal Mindset

At AIG, a global insurance company operating in 80 countries, Fato leverages her experience in legal, compliance, and regulatory matters to manage these global departments and uses her legal mindset to help guide the board and C-suite in making ethical decisions for the company.

5 Insights to Create an Impactful ESG Program

The November 2020 ACC Docket cover story highlights the best ways that general counsel can lead and bolster their company’s ESG programs, from focusing on the environmental practices to social justice movements. Below are more insights from other ACC Docket authors to encourage in-house counsel to prioritize ESG initiatives and get more support from investors.

10 Insights In-house Counsel Learned in 2020

ACC has seen a lot of changes in the past year. To adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, not only did we have our first virtual-only Annual Meeting, but we also transitioned from printing the ACC Docket to publishing content exclusively online, as most ACC members’ offices have been closed since the outbreak began.

How Whirlpool is Thriving in an Economic Slump

One business that has found a way through the COVID-19 challenges is Whirlpool, which had a strong second quarter despite the economic turmoil. That success is due in part to Whirlpool’s global legal department and Deputy General Counsel Aaron Spira, who used his business acumen to help adapt Whirlpool’s distribution operations and strategy to the unprecedented global crisis.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Jieun Lee relied on her network of connections to secure her current position as general counsel. It’s only fitting because she now works for a company that also uses connections to reach its goals. Roof Funding, a leading South Korean fintech company, operates peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that allow its users to decrease borrowing costs by crowdfunding loans.