Mark Roellig

Senior Client Advisor at Perkins Coie

Mark Roellig was previously general counsel of four Fortune 500 companies and is now a senior client advisor at Perkins Coie. In this role he is available to provide, at no cost, advice on operations of an in-house legal organization and leadership issues to GCs and the leaderships teams of clients or potential clients of the firm.

My Articles

Develop a “Slurp”

It is incredibly valuable for legal departments to create and annually update a Strategic Long Range Plan, lovingly referred to as a “slurp” (SLRP). Simplistically, you take the enterprise’s major objectives and develop strategies and tactics for your department to advance each one.

Cloud Leadership

After a long career, it is my view that the cloud approach is much stronger. It allows the team to reach better decisions and obtain superior results. More leaders should and will adopt it going forward. This enables the development of a group that enjoys working, learning from mistakes, winning, and having fun. You want to develop a team, or work with a team, in the cloud.

Structuring Your Law Department

My answer to the correct structure, whether law, technology, or any support function always is: “It depends.” So, what does it depend on? Simplistically, the way to organize any corporate department is to follow the formula of company strategy and structure, stakeholder expectations, and then, lastly, populate it with individual team members.

Compensation Matters

You can give all the verbal recognition you want, but in corporate America, recognition and reward fall in the areas of base salary, bonuses, special rewards, and long-term awards, including options and restricted stock.

Judgment Day

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what judgment is, and I believe it definitely can be improved and practiced. I have concluded that, in the corporate environment, “good judgment” is making effective, productive decisions or actions in multidimensional settings that are aligned with business objectives.

Putting Its Money Where the Diversity Is: Corporate America’s Collaborative Actions to Increase Diversity in Law Firms

This article will discuss certain recent actions taken by the American Bar Association (ABA), including the passage of a resolution aimed at increasing economic opportunity for diverse attorneys and encouraging clients to seek greater diversity among legal service providers. In particular, a new uniform measurement tool, the Model Diversity Survey, will provide increased transparency of information and data.