Jeffrey W. Wheeler

Associate General Counsel at Numotion

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Use Your Words

If we expect our colleagues in the companies we serve to be able to apply and fulfill the agreements we prepare for them, if we expect our employees to follow the policies and guidance we issue, we must use language that speaks to its intended audience.

Care and Feeding

Atop the list of things I was most grateful for was the time given to me by so many people who had gone, or were still going, through this ordeal. I learned so much from their stories, was inspired by the invariably happy outcomes they achieved, comforted to know I wasn’t alone, and grateful to be able to reciprocate the support.

My Rainy Days

This is my last column about my recent job transition. I’ve learned a lot from the experience, as you may have gathered from previous columns. Sooner or later, most of us will change jobs but this page is for Small Law voices, not Career Development voices.