Trevor Faure

CEO at Smarter Law Solutions

Trevor Faure consults with general counsel, law firms & legal departments on performance & efficiency improvement. A GC since 1990, Faure led existential change at: 

• EY Global GC through $60B Lehman collapse and Madoff fraud.

• Tyco International – turnaround team after the Kozlowski scandal almost led to an Enron-style collapse.

• Dell EMEA – “Dellionaire” rocket-ride from No.7 to No.1 worldwide.

• Apple EMEA – from loss-making spiral to Steve Jobs turnaround. 

Author of Smarter Law: transforming busy lawyers into business leaders. "Faure’s insightful and practical analysis [is] more important than ever, and makes this…a must-read for any lawyer or legal organization seeking to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive and technology-driven global age”. David B. Wilkins, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School.

Member of The TimesLaw 100 Panel advisory body and the International Bar Association Task Force. President of the Global General Counsel Academy. 

“ of a handful of dynamic, young lawyers who are transforming the legal market…clearly a pioneer” The Times of London.

“...the professional equivalent of a rockstar.” Editor in Chief, Legal Success Russia.

“One of the most creative and systematic thinkers about contemporary business law.” Ben W. Heineman, former General Electric GC. 



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