Ellen M. Zavian

Professor of Law at George Washington University in Washington, DC

Ellen M. Zavian was the first female NFL agent and has represented US women’s soccer, softball, break dancers, and extreme athletes. She currently teaches sports/negotiation law at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and she serves as a coach to the GWU Law Students Moot Court program.

My Articles

Welcome to the Metaverse – And the Virtual Pitfalls that Await

The Metaverse is opening up a whole new world without international boundaries — a world that lawyers must carefully and consistently steer. Learn the latest and get prepared with this article by Ellen Zavian, and Norman Wain. #metaverse #FutureofLaw #ACCDocket #AI #Tech #Technology

What In-house Counsel Can Learn From the Fantasy Sports Industry

By examining what the fantasy sports industry has done well and what it might have handled differently, we also extrapolate to provide valuable lessons in-house counsel from diverse industries can learn from the fantasy sports meltdown including lessons related to conventional promotions, lobbying, consumer protection expectations, and the use of intellectual property.

Gambling for a Cause: The Rise of the Charitable Raffle in Pro Sports and Implications (and Opportunities) for In-house Counsel

The 50/50 charitable raffle has long been part of the experience at Canadian sporting events. Now, with the help of technology, as well as cultural shifting, and even changes to the law, the 50/50 raffle has made a splash in American pro sports, and has moved even beyond that, to collegiate sports.