Chen-Sen “Samson” Wu

General Counsel, Patient Care Solutions at GE HealthCare

Chen-Sen (“Samson”) Wu is an attorney and physician with leadership experience across professions, healthcare industries, and international markets. He is currently general counsel, patient care solutions and research, at GE HealthCare, focusing on digitally interconnected medical devices, software, and academic-industry partnerships. Previously, he worked at GSK as vice president of Global Medical Affairs Excellence, head of legal for Global Medical Affairs, and head of legal for GSK’s multi-billion GBP (£) generics division, spending three years at the latter's global headquarters in Singapore. Before joining GSK, Wu practiced law at Williams & Connolly LLP as US national trial counsel for biopharma companies. 

My Articles

How Government Contractors Can Navigate Trade Agreements and False Claims

Chen-Sen (Samson) Wu, GC of GE HealthCare’s Patient Care Solutions and Research, alongside outside counsel from Maynard Cooper & Gale, offer some practical tips for in-house legal and compliance personnel looking to manage their supply chain risks. #ACCDocket #inhouse

AI for GCs: What You Need to Know as Your Company Adapts

So, what is a good in-house counsel to do? Consider it the wave of the future and jump in? Wait for industry norms and regulatory standards to evolve? Adopt off-the-shelf solutions or seek bespoke services? Each approach has its own risk profile, but those judgments should be informed by a working understanding of what AI is and how it is both similar to and different from past technologies.