Carly O'Halloran Alameda

Business Litigation Partner at Farella Braun + Martel in San Francisco

Her practice includes litigating complex business disputes in CA state and federal court and alternative dispute resolution processes, and also state and federal appellate work. Her practice is complemented and enriched by her position on the BOD of Mammoth HR, a private company focused on helping businesses with HR compliance and employee management.

My Articles

On the Fast Track: How Logan Maley Has Quickly Risen to Lead Procore’s Legal Department

Logan Maley, associate general counsel for Procore Technologies, explains one aspect of her job as the lead lawyer for the construction software company: “One of my jobs is to see the iceberg miles away, so that we can chart the proper course to avoid as many obstacles as possible that may lie ahead. If we are forced to severely swerve at the last minute to avoid a disaster, which disrupts our progress, I haven’t done my job.”

Artificial Intelligence Meets the Mainstream: AI’s Potential Impact on In-house Practice

Right now, we’re applying AI to content on immigration and international travel, which is hosted on our enterprise legal portal. The goal is to provide an efficient and intuitive ‘finding’ experience for employees who need guidance on job-related legal questions, and to continually learn more about what they are trying to find so we can surface that content. Contracts and e-discovery are probably the next logical areas to explore.

From Making the Right Decisions to Asking the Right Questions: Linda Graebner Discusses Her Move from the C-Suite to the Boardroom

Linda Graebner spent many years as a CEO leading consumer product companies, and has held numerous other leadership positions in the business world. But she is currently thriving in a new role: the boardroom. She recently took the time to share some of the details of her board experiences and the insights she has gained along the way, important lessons for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Thriving Through Transformation: How PayPal’s Emily Ward Used Her Network and Values to Define a Year

In 2015, Emily Ward, vice president and deputy general counsel at PayPal, was busy. Her itinerary included helping lead aspects of PayPal's separation from eBay, aiding PayPal's transition as its own company, organizing ChIPs' global event in Washington DC, remaining active in her professional and personal communities, and even adopting a child.

The Byzantine Complexities: Strategies for Lawyers to Join a Board of Directors

While many lawyers may be interested in joining a board of directors of a for-profit public or private company, reaching this goal can entail a degree of complexity that even the Byzantine Emperors would have envied. Consequently many lawyers are puzzled by the process and give up well before they even begin. Likewise, companies and many current board members do not often project a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to adding lawyers to the board.