Katia Bloom

Commercial Lawyer and Associate General Counsel at ForgeRock

Katia Bloom is a fast-paced and strategic commercial lawyer. Currently, she is the associate general counsel at ForgeRock. Previously, she headed up legal for Avira, Inc., was a founding partner at E Squared Law Group, advising many start-up clients and was in-house counsel at Anesiva. She is actively involved in the Association of Corporate Counsel and a number of organizations promoting women in the legal profession.

My Articles

Rethinking Independence in Internal Investigations

For a company facing allegations of internal misconduct, whether from government regulators or prosecutors, whistleblowers, or the plaintiffs’ bar, an independent internal investigation performed by outside counsel may be an obvious next step. Often in these scenarios, outside counsel’s “independence” is conflated with “absolutely no prior work done for the subject company.” Indeed, some companies and boards categorically refuse to hire outside counsel to handle internal investigations if the firm has previously performed work for the company, out of concern that the government will assume such counsel cannot conduct an “independent” investigation.

Perspectives from In-house Counsel at High-growth Companies

The rewards of working at a fast-growth company are plentiful. At the same time, approaching these kind of in-house legal jobs comes with a specific list of daily challenges, including handling the daily tension between rapid business growth and legal risk management, knowing when to use outside counsel vs. expanding your in-house team, hiring specialists vs. generalists, onboarding new hires in a rapidly changing environment while preserving the company culture, and calibrating internal hiring, operational systems, and external resources to company growth.

3 Legal Dimensions of 3D Printing

For every new technology, there’s a particular moment when something resembling a science fiction movie gadget becomes a part of our daily lives; whether it’s because the technology becomes accessible (e.g., the affordability of personal computers), the market is finally ready to embrace it (e.g., the success of Tesla’s electric cars), or myriad other reasons.