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In honor of International Women's Day, we spotlight the impactful contributions of the women who have written for the Docket. Join us in acknowledging their expertise and achievements in the legal field.

1. Staying relevant in an era of AI disruption

While machines outperform humans in efficiency, the value of tasks that require the human touch will increase over time.

Jessica Lehman

Discover how in-house attorneys can navigate career transitions amidst disruptive tech innovations like AI, ensuring relevance and adding value to their organizations by embracing adaptability and leveraging human ingenuity in the evolving legal landscape. 

2. From legal advisor to legal leader

To gain experience in new fields of law, seek out projects that will give you exposure to new arenas.

Ashoo Sharma, Kimberly D. Lerman

Stepping into your first GC role? Dive into this cheat sheet with insights on broadening expertise, understanding your business, honing leadership, and embracing an ownership mindset.  

3. Command of the climate subject

Good climate governance includes frameworks, policies, and procedures that record, track, and report on these climate initiatives.

Joanne Moss, Therese Megens

Learn about the critical role GCs play in steering companies through climate governance by ensuring transparency, stakeholder engagement, and ethical climate disclosures.

4. How do you move into a legal operations role?

The biggest difference is switching from a role where people give you the problem or ask for legal advice, to a role where you need to determine what work you should do for maximum impact.

Caterina Cavallero, Michael Thompson, Deb Hook, Katrina Gowans, Laurie David-Henric

Explore the transformative journey from traditional legal roles to legal operations, highlighting the shift in mindset and skillset needed for success.  

5. Day in the Life of an associate general counsel

From early morning childcare routines to attending depositions, a day in the life of Elizabeth Sonnichsen, AGC of Pennant Services, Inc, showcases the balance between professional responsibilities and personal life.  

6. Advancing diversity with data

In addition to requesting and analyzing data, consider requesting that the partners working on your matters supply a personal statement of commitment to diversity and inclusion — rather than merely providing the carefully curated diversity brochure prepared by the firm’s diversity professional.

Jane Howard-Martin, Connie Almond, Olesja Cormney, Jennifer N. Jones, Meyling "Mey" Ly Ortiz

Active engagement and follow-through by in-house legal departments is crucial in advancing DEI with their law firm partners. 

7. Why all the fuss about ChatGPT?

Lawyers are advised to be aware of the limitations and biases of GPT and use it as a tool rather than a replacement for human expertise.

Spiwe Jefferson

Despite the transformative potential of AI tools in legal drafting, research, and administrative tasks, take note of risks such as misinformation, bias, and ethical concerns. 

8. Developing an AI compliance program

An AI compliance program is a critical risk management tool that aims to provide structure for staying up to date with evolving AI regulatory requirements.

Olga V. Mack

How do you integrate compliance into your company’s product development to safeguard against risks and ensure ethical use?

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