William Eipert

Senior Counsel and Lead Advanced Development Counsel at Xerox Corporation

William Eipert is senior counsel and lead advanced development counsel for Xerox Corporation counseling Xerox’s research and product development organizations across a range of strategic intellectual property and commercial transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, outsourcing, licensing, joint development, sponsored research, and OEM arrangements

My Articles

IP Risks in Outsourcing: Traps for the Unwary

Companies are more frequently turning to third-party subject matter experts to outsource their most pressing business needs. Although these relationships present opportunities for companies to improve product and service quality and leverage economies of scale to better compete within their respective markets, they also pose the risks of exposing potential data and confidential information and mismanagement of technology and other IP assets.

Think Before You Arbitrate: Considerations for Patent Disputes

Patent litigation is often a high-stakes, zero-sum game. Either the patent is valid or not. Either the competitor’s product infringes or it does not. When a company’s current and future value depends on the strength of a patent, intellectual property disputes are often some of the most substantive and complex cases an in-house attorney may encounter.