Stacey van Hooven

Vice President and General Counsel at Essity GmbH

Stacey van Hooven is vice president and general counsel at Essity GmbH. She is based in Munich, Germany.

My Articles

Digital Advertising in an Age of Disruption

Companies today are expected to have detailed and multi-faceted social media touch points with customers and stakeholders. This does not mean that advertising law has suddenly relaxed, or that corporate legal obligations in each legal jurisdiction have gone away. In many cases, with new digital privacy and consumer protection laws and regulations going into effect around the world regularly, the legal field is more complex than ever.

Brands as International Currency: How to Effectively Manage Brand Migration

In today’s global and social media driven world, brands have become the currency of international trade. For in-house counsel, high quality brands provide a bond of trust with your client’s consumers. Ensuring that your client’s brands are legally secure and high quality is challenging. This is an issue all in-house counsel face. It is particularly challenging in the case of brand migration.