Rob Falk

General Counsel at Truth Initiative

Rob Falk is general counsel of Truth Initiative and a member of ACC’s board of directors.
This article represents the personal views of the authors and is not attributable to their
employers. He contributed the sidebars on individual diversity action plans and cultural
agility growth charts.

My Articles

How Corporate Legal Departments Can Advance and Retain Diverse Talent at Partner Law Firms

As corporate clients, it is easy to place the burden and blame on our outside counsel partners for the pervasive industry challenge of retaining and advancing diverse talent. We suggest law firms need stronger affinity groups, mentor and sponsorship programs, and more inclusive and flexible working environments. As clients, we then demand diverse teams at multiple levels and express frustration when our law firms fail to deliver.

Vetting Social Media Content: Getting Ahead of the Fast and Furious

In a world where reaching generalized audiences is easier than ever, even counsel at non-media companies need to recognize the most common legal risks for publishing liability, particularly on social media, as well as the key strategies both for heading off problems and for dealing with threats most effectively when they arise. This article examines these issues and recommends specific strategies.

Speak Up and Shine as a Speaker or Moderator

Participating on panels of fellow legal professionals is another superb way to share what you’ve learned, exchange experiences with your peers, and increase your visibility among your professional contacts. Before seeking to become a serial panelist, however, you should consider taking a number of steps to ensure that you are successful in this effort.