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How In-house Leaders Can Use Technology to Better Prepare for the Next Crisis

During a crisis, corporate counsel deal with many unknowns that make answering a question like this a tricky business. We often need to make decisions long before all the facts are revealed. There are no rulebooks; no straight lines that lead to all the right answers. We can, however, take advantage of technology to ensure we are better informed during a crisis and better able to assist employees and clients.

How Technology Shrinks Our Fictional Divide and Fosters Positive Change

The fictional divide that separates our personal and professional lives is crumbling. We show ourselves as we truly are everywhere we go ⁠— at work, home, and play. What will it mean for the future of law when technology tears down the wall completely? Here’s how lawyers who embrace a leadership mindset will find opportunities for growth and positive change.

Remote Collaboration: 3 Ways General Counsel Can Improve their Communication Skills

The coronavirus work from home mandates have shown us that no matter how far apart we are physically, we’re all still very much connected. Remote communication tools bring us together, but new legal leaders still need to ask the right questions, actively listen to others, and set aside any assumptions to accurately assess the lay of the land.

You’re in the Room — Now What? 14 Board Diversity Arguments for In-house Counsel

Because in-house counsel are trusted advisors, key decision-makers, and know their CEOs and chairpersons best, they are particularly positioned to advocate for board diversity in their companies. But once you have a seat at the table, what do you say? These 14 compelling arguments can be used to convince your company to pursue board diversity.