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Drinking from a Fountain: How Pablo Jimenez-Zorrilla Became VP Legal & Corporate Affairs at AB InBev Middle Americas

Now the vice president for legal and corporate affairs of Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) Middle Americas — also known as Grupo Modelo in Mexico — Jimenez-Zorrilla fondly looks back on his professional career, and believes that every decision served as a crucial step that would ultimately lead him toward his dream of overseeing a global legal department.

The Canadian Healthcare Shift — A Profile of Nawaz Hussainaly

Nawaz Hussainaly is on the forefront of a major shift in the Canadian healthcare system. As a clinical trial lawyer for Alberta Health Services (AHS) — which serves as the largest healthcare services conglomerate in the country — he has witnessed a substantial growth in the pharmaceutical testing industry as a result of enticing collaborations with universities in the province.