Liam Brown

CEO at Elevate

Liam Brown has spent over 20 years providing consulting, technology, and services to law firms and Global 1000 corporate legal departments. As an advisor and consultant, Brown has guided general counsel and law firm leaders through a variety of strategic decisions focused on improving effectiveness and efficiency.

In 2011 he founded Elevate, a next generation legal service provider with the mission to help law firms and corporate legal departments operate more effectively. Previously, he was the founder, president, and CEO of Integreon, a global LPO, which he led from a startup in 2001 to annual sales of US$150 million by 2011, before he sold to private equity investors.

Prior to Integreon, he was the founder, president, and COO of a pioneering VC-backed Web 1.0 virtual data room legal tech company, which he sold to a public company in 2001. Brown is a frequent speaker at legal conferences and regularly publishes articles about trends in the legal sector. He is also an active investor in emerging legal technologies and an executive coach for founders of startups.

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