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Lift Every Voice

The pool of talent exists. In order to attract a diverse group of talent a wide net needs to be cast. Your fiscal health could depend on it — research shows that diverse corporations perform better — as well as your success in litigation. At this point, chief legal officers/general counsel, as corporate leaders, must look internally at our own initiatives before we expect sustainable results from outside counsel.

Diversity – Leading By Example

I’m proud of what ACC has done in the area of diversity, especially as it relates to diversity on a global scale. However, the legal profession itself needs to do a better job in supporting and promoting diverse lawyers in the United States, where I work as in-house counsel.

Follow the Leader

Historically, the term “best practices” arose from a management tool many of us know well: benchmarking. For something to be considered a best or leading practice, the management or production process around it became so uniform that many entities adopted it. In other words, we’ve basically figured this thing out, so follow our lead.