Joanne Moss

Board Chair, Non Executive Director, and Lawyer at Various Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange

Joanne Moss is a chairman, board director, and committee chair of various companies listed on the stock exchange, and is based in Sydney. 

In her most recent executive role, Moss was the chief legal officer and chief corporate affairs officer within a Fortune 500 brand. During that time, Moss was a finalist for a Women in Law Award and two ACC Corporate Lawyer  of the Year awards. 

Prior to that, Moss was a senior litigation lawyer at a global law firm.  An experienced industry representative, Moss is a conference keynote speaker, lecturer, and round table facilitator on best practice and emerging trends in leadership, governance, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, innovation, and emerging technologies. Moss has hosted ACC industry roundtables and delivered keynote addresses for several ACC national conferences.

 Moss is an alumna of the ACC General Counsel 100  and Global Leaders in Law 


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