Jake Frazier

Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, based in Houston, TX

He heads the information governance and compliance practice in the technology segment. Frazier assists legal, records, IT, and information security departments identify, develop, evaluate, and implement in-house e-discovery and information governance processes, programs, and solutions.

My Articles

Balancing Global Conflict Between Privacy and Preservation Starts with Information Governance

When an organization is blind to where its data resides and what is in it, it becomes impossible both to meet preservation obligations and comply with GDPR’s guidelines to protect and delete sensitive data. By understanding the full scope of the data, counsel can begin to assess the legal requirements involved with it.

How to Safeguard the Crown Jewels in the Age of Information Security Threats

As technology evolves and security risks rise, lawyers are confronted with an increasing challenge to satisfy their ethical duties of competence and confidentiality, making the issue of securing data and mitigating breaches increasingly severe. This article will explore data breaches in detail, discussing how counsel can respond to these events, and outlining practical ways to implement a tiered approach to securing a company’s crown jewels.