2024 CLO Summit: Networking at the Top of the Mountain

Learn, Share, and Connect with Fellow Chief Legal Officers from Around the World at a Unique, Timely Conference  

2024 Chief Legal Officer Global Summit 

Presented by the Association of Corporate Counsel  

22-24 May 2024 

Edinburgh, Scotland 

A globalized economy demands business leaders with an international mindset. The chief legal officer/general counsel of today is a business leader, and as mitigators of risk, they can often find themselves wearing multiple hats while they carefully navigate the wide variety of issues brought before them.  

To help high-ranking global counsel excel at a truly global perspective and be best prepared for any challenge the current business landscape could throw their way, the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), a global legal association that promotes the common professional and business interests of in-house counsel, is inviting the highest ranking legal officer of an organization to join their peers from around the world at the ACC Chief Legal Officer Global Summit. 

Taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 22-24 May 2024, the event will provide participants with a space (under the Chatham House Rule) to tackle the most pressing issues currently facing modern CLOs, learn from their peers, and make cross-border connections in a private, intimate setting designed for CLOs, by CLOs.

The most comprehensive survey of its kind, the ACC Chief Legal Officer Survey features insights from more than 600 organizations across 20 industries.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about attending this year?

"The CLO Summit is a terrific opportunity for transformation and collaboration among legal professionals. The practical, actionable content, coupled with the opportunity to discuss real-world issues with peers, provided invaluable insights. For Chief Legal Officers, who often face isolation in their roles, the Summit provides an essential platform to connect with fellow CLOs on relevant topics that fuel our continuous development and growth."

Gregory Ritts, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Altisource Portfolio Solutions, S.A. 

"You get some really valuable insights. Especially on some of the cutting-edge issues that will become relevant in the future. I wanted to be able to have some insight and thought leadership around those areas to bring back to my organization to strategize with other executives."

Steven Davis, Chief Legal Officer, One Call

Why do you believe it's important for CLOs to collaborate and learn from each other in today's business climate?

"Being invited to join a panel comprised of an international community was an eye-opening experience that broadened my horizons. It was encouraging to observe the similar struggles and concerns shared by fellow Chief Legal Officers. The content presented at the conference was excellent, with topics that underscored the necessity of collaboration and sharing of knowledge. In the complex world of legal and business practice, developing in isolation is significantly more challenging. It is collaboration and the exchange of ideas and experiences that make my practice as an in-house counsel more efficient and also progressive."

Dr. Sebastian Lochen, Group General Counsel, Head of Legal and Compliance, thyssenkrupp   

"There are activities occurring in the world, whether your business is global or not, that are going to affect it. The more opportunities to collaborate with other GCs, the more I can expand my way of thinking. It's much more of a global conference. The issues you see here, especially in relation to the regulatory environment and how it changes from country to country, helps round out a GC's strategic thinking."

Steven Davis, Chief Legal Officer, One Call

Summit attendees will receive:  

  • Peer-to-peer benchmarking on best practices and challenges 
  • Networking with a multinational community of 20+ countries across various sectors 
  • Global brainstorming to drive legal department transformation and growth; and 
  • Examination of the chief legal officer’s role and response during crisis simulations, and more. 

What is the ACC Chief Legal Officer Summit? 

The theme of this year’s ACC Chief Legal Officer Summit is “Driving Strategic Transformation: Leveraging the Unique Perch of the Chief Legal Officer” and has been designed by industry experts to inspire legal counsel to forge relationships that open their minds to new opinions, challenge their insights, provide fresh experiences, and teach them how to sustain connections. The Summit is the preeminent annual event aimed at chief legal counsel, encouraging them to gain the essential knowledge needed to navigate an increasingly complex business environment.  

Chief legal officers from more than twenty countries will engage with leading global experts and speakers around numerous key topics, including: 

  • AI 
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity 
  • Climate Change 
  • Geopolitical Risk 
  • Talent Development 
  • Corporate governance 
  • Legal Operations  
  • Legal professional privilege 
  • Outstanding leadership challenges 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion, and more. 

Why should legal counsel attend? 

The need for global CLOs to easily adapt is more important than ever. In this current global landscape, legal officers must become even more agile and strategic to address their corporate clients' needs. The role of the CLO is forever changing and expanding, and as the world’s organizations keep adjusting to new challenges, legal professionals must also continually and proactively redefine themselves and their legal departments to match this rapid global transformation. 

Truly effective chief legal officers will exploit these newfound opportunities, leading their companies as they navigate this complex and shifting environment. The Chief Legal Officer Global Summit features roundtables, interactive plenaries, and ample networking opportunities to provide legal professionals with the opportunity to learn from experts from around the world. 

What top challenges are modern CLOs facing? 

Modern CLOs have a lot on their plate. From dealing with the effects of multipolar conflicts between regional blocs of countries, understanding the implications of AI within the legal department and overall organization, adapting policies to be in line with evolving social norms both inside and outside companies, and handling the pressing need to accomplish more with less spending, their list of responsibilities is rapidly expanding.  

As the role of the CLO continues to expand, the position is increasingly being seen as critical to the success of any business, with those filling the role acting as valued and trusted partners throughout their organizations. The main topics concerning modern CLOs include regulations and enforcement, privacy and data security, and cybersecurity threats, according to the 2024 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey.  

Seats are filling fast, act now to join this elite group of legal and business leaders in Edinburgh 22-24 May 2024 at the ACC 2024 Chief Legal Officer Global Summit.