The 2024 ACC Annual Meeting: Where Tomorrow’s Legal Giants Rise

This October, the 2024 ACC Annual Meeting brings cutting-edge strategies to Nashville, Tennessee, USA from October 6-9, 2024. Join a global community of over 2,500 in-house counsel for a showcase of transformative knowledge, networking, and professional development.  

Every session, every speaker, every connection at the 2024 ACC Annual Meeting offers a unique doorway to the future of legal excellence.  

With over 100 sessions designed to tackle the pressing issues faced by legal professionals worldwide, from AI and compliance to DEI and navigating cultural complexities in global market expansions, this event promises to equip you with the insights needed to steer your organization through the modern legal landscape. 

Here's what's in store for you this year: 

AI and Data Privacy: Transatlantic Regulation and Enforcement Defense Strategies (M56)

Learn about the latest privacy rules and regulatory approaches to AI in the US, EU, and UK, including insights into their unique and divergent strategies for AI governance. 

Legal Insights: Mastering Workplace Cultural Flashpoints (M10)

Discover practical solutions through real-world scenarios and actionable tips to empower your company to navigate cultural nuances in the workplace effectively. 

How to Hack AI: Tips to Get Started Using Artificial Intelligence (M11)

Demystify AI and transform it from a buzzword into a powerful tool within your legal arsenal, enhancing everything from contract drafting to legal research. 

Lessons in Litigating: How In-house Lawyers Can Handle Disputes Internally (M12)

Discover actionable strategies to manage disputes efficiently within your organization, avoiding the costs and complications of external litigation. 

Ethical Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Your Personal Brand (M13)

In a world where personal branding is increasingly crucial for career advancement, learn to navigate the ethical challenges without compromising your professional integrity. 

Return to your organization empowered with:

  • Cutting-edge strategies for key legal challenges. 
  • Practical solutions to transform your legal department. 
  • A global network of peers for idea exchange. 

Secure your spot at the forefront of legal innovation. Visit for a full list of sessions and to register.