How to Do Less But Be Massively Productive

Times have changed. Long gone are the days of being in an office. You’re no longer surrounded by co-workers in a physical office space with access to file cabinets full of important documents.

The world of work has gone virtual. And that doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon, if ever. In fact, nearly 70 percent of large company CEOs plan to permanently downsize their office space. With no end in sight, how do you adapt to these changes to manage your success?

The disruption you are experiencing is real and is getting in the way of high priority responsibilities. You’re feeling the pressure to manage more, yet your resources and your budget are thinner than they have ever been. Fewer resources, less money. Not the ideal situation. And while you’re getting hit from every angle, you’re seeing that this is impacting you and your company in very specific areas, such as global entity management.

You’re feeling the pressure to manage more, yet your resources and your budget are thinner than they have ever been.

The truth of the matter is your governance framework likely consists of reliance on multiple vendors and local law firms across various geographies, all using different approaches and tools to manage siloed volumes of subsidiary data. These approaches may have seemed to work in the past, but in today’s world, they simply do not provide for the business continuity essential to a global company and may inadvertently do more damage by introducing an element of unnecessary risk into your organization from a governance and control perspective.

Too much busywork due to lack of visibility into poorly managed corporate compliance data is taking valuable time and resources away from focusing on high priority company goals and objectives. And with no centralized source of data and no single source of truth, you’re spending valuable time tracking down and verifying data accuracy, among other things.

Now more than ever, having the right blend of human and digital resources is business-critical to achieving an effective governance program, future-proofing your business, and keeping pace with the constant change being seen around the globe.

It’s time to do less but realize more.

Chasing down global entity compliance status.Rely on state-of-the-art technology for automated compliance assurance.
Searching multiple platforms (and vendors) for important documents and data management.Partner with one vendor and one platform for all your data management and document storage needs.
Spending time trying to understand your global spend on compliance and ad-hoc corporate change activities.Have transparent budgetary control over all your entity management everything.
Reacting to "fire drill" situations when something has been missed at a local level.Eliminate the worry of missed deadlines using automated technology that does it for you.
Fielding requests for corporate data and documents from internal functions.Maintain all your entities’ data and documents in a single platform for quick, immediate access and updates anytime, anywhere.
Coordinating the signature of documents.Use automated, electronic signature technology, such as DocuSign, for fast signature-required documents.

By better leveraging the technology and resources already in your corner, you can be massively productive where it matters most!

Computershare’s Global Entity Management as a Service provides you the global methodology needed to support your entity compliance and governance no matter where you or your entities reside. Through centralized management from one trusted global provider, you get a unique and complete governance solution consolidating your global governance services and technology needs.

Compliance burden, data integrity, and inefficiencies become a thing of the past as you shift gears and adapt to the digital office. From global entity management, US registered agent, governance, and advisory services, you’ll have everything entity entirely managed for you.