Annual Meeting ‘22: Can You Keep a Secret? The Push for Greater Transparency in the Workplace 

Session 902 Panelists

Matthew Carmadella, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.
Joy Chin, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.
Erin Ickes, Senior Counsel, Teletracking Technologies, Inc.
Alyson Palmer, Corporate Counsel, Google

What was the most valuable thing you learned during this session?  

“The program was a great opportunity for in-house generalists to learn about the latest developments on pay transparency issues.”

Julie Fisher, Corporate Counsel, Musco Sports Lighting 

 Prepare to make data available

  • Recent developments such as #MeToo, US pay gap legislation, and US state government activity have created an environment in which current and prospective employees, shareholders, and regulators are increasingly demanding greater transparency. 
  • Gradually, certain US states (such as Colorado, California, and Washington) and local governments (New York City) are requiring companies to post pay ranges for open positions.
  • Demographic data is also subject to disclosure in many jurisdictions, and more employees are demanding the disclosure of data beyond what is legally required.  

    Action item: Get ahead of issues that may arise, like addressing current pay gaps and discrepancies, especially between current employees and new postings.