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Revisit the top five most-viewed ACC webcasts of 2023. Elevate your learning journey with these insightful sessions!

1. ChatGPT, other AI, and IP for In-house Counsel   

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT these days, but what is it and how might it impact IP practice? This panel of in-house and outside counsel discussed topics such as:

  • What is ChatGPT and how to use it?
  • Chat GPT/OpenAI and patent applications, including: What are potential inventorship and authorship issues? How can AI be used to help drafting applications?
  • Legal practice applications: contract analysis, prior art searching, drafting, brainstorming and metaphor;
  • Privacy, confidentiality and ownership issues: What happens to information you allow the AI to access? How to protect confidential information? Is there a way to enhance protection?
  • Potential pitfalls and things to be aware of (as it relates to patent law); and             
  • Best practices for scientists and attorneys (as it relates to patent law).
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2. Understanding the SaaS Deal — Practical Strategies and Preparation Techniques Prior to Negotiations   

All attorneys study contracts in law school, and sometimes mediation and negotiations. However, applying those skills in a SaaS context requires skills rarely covered in class. In this session, attendees reviewed preparation strategies, including questions every attorney should ask (along with suggestions on who to ask) before joining any SaaS contract negotiation.

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3. Government Contracts for In-house Counsel: Getting FAR More Answers in Less Time — What Makes Government Contracts Different?

This session answered a common question that in-house counsel often ask themselves or teammates. It introduced key differences between Government and commercial contracts as well as some of the significant statutes and regulations governing Government contracts and contractors. This session also introduced common Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses that in-house counsel should understand due to the risks or cost impacts.  

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4. AI & Ethics: New Developments, Regulatory Considerations & Ethical Obligations  

This webcast delved into the critical intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), ethics, and regulatory compliance, using the compliance trifecta approach of "say it, do it, prove it." Participants learned about the latest developments in AI ethics and regulatory considerations, as well as their ethical obligations as AI practitioners. Participants grew a great understanding of the compliance trifecta approach and how to apply it to AI governance. After reviewing this session, in-house counsel should be equipped with practical tips and strategies for managing ethical, regulatory, and legal risks associated with AI development and deployment, and for fostering a culture of responsible AI innovation. Specifically, the panel discussed the following ABA model rules:

  • ABA Model Rules - Rule 1.1: Competent Representation
  • ABA Model Rules - Rule 8.4(g): Harassment and Discrimination
  • ABA Model Rules - Rule 1.6: Confidentiality of Information
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5. Are you Smarter Than a Law Student? Take my Law School Ethics Exam! 

Do you still have it? Do you think you’ll be able to see the issues in a typical law school exam? Stuart Teicher (the CLE Performer) teaches professional responsibility in law school and walked attendees through one of the exams he had given his students.

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