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Revisit the Docket's most-read 2023 articles. Explore AI in legal practice, the role of product counsel, and effective strategies for data breaches. Understand the significance of ESG disclosures, optimize requests to law firms, and learn about what it takes to pivot into legal ops. Enhance your contract negotiation skills, identify career pitfalls, and integrate AI compliance with these essential articles for in-house counsel.

15. How the GC Empowers the Board to Govern the Green Wave 

"Preparing the board to engage with stakeholders on disclosure-related issues is another action the general counsel can take to empower its board."

Joanne Moss, Therese Megens

14. 5 Ways In-house Counsel Can Embrace Generative AI 

"After establishing your data stewardship foundation, analyzing your specific needs and resources, and deciding to explore the market for advanced AI solutions, you’ll need a robust process to assess vendors and their offerings. The key is to ask the right questions."

 Corey Garver

13. Positively Legal: Pivoting Into Legal Operations

"Have a growth mindset, empathy and humility, adaptability, being a relationship builder, and of course having integrity."

Caterina Cavallaro, Michael Thompson, Deb Hook, Katrina Gowans, Laurie David-Henric

12. Legal Tech: Integrate AI Compliance by Asking These Questions 

"If there’s not one already, consider developing an AI compliance program before the next release of an AI-driven product. Doing so demonstrates a commitment to responsible AI development that helps build trust with customers, regulators, and business partners."

Olga V. Mack

11. Career Path: The Worst Career Advice 

"If you find yourself feeling that your company owes you something and you owe nothing in return but to do your job, you are a bad employee."

James Bellerjeau

10. Career Path: The GC’s Biggest Weakness 

"Every CEO who has felt the urge to vent their frustration at the latest board outrage will find the GC to be most understanding."

James Bellerjeau

9. Career Path: How to Spot a Bad Lawyer 

"So what is a lawyer to do when the facts point one way and the law another, when our potential client is truly odious, or when our personal beliefs go against what the law dictates? The answer is clear, at least for a law student, but in practice, lawyers’ behavior is anything but."

James Bellerjeau

8. My Take: The AI Revolution in Law 

"As the world grapples with this latest technological advance, ACC is working to provide us all with the information and education we need to make decisions for our in-house legal teams and organizations."

 Adrian Goss

7. Drafting and Negotiating Consulting and Professional Services Agreements 

"Because most professional services firms and consultants have multiple clients within the same industry, agreements with them must address confidentiality and non-disclosure, and potentially related clauses such as trade secrets and non-solicitation."

 Sarah Levy

6. What to Request from Law Firms 

"Full-service law firms can provide in-house counsel a concise, targeted walkthrough of a new area of law — sufficient to provide general familiarity and the ability to issue spot."

Mark Roellig, Stephen Mar

5. Why ESG Disclosures Belong in the Legal Department 

"Consequently, in-house legal departments must play an active role in reviewing ESG-related disclosures in public statements such as SEC filings, sustainability reports, press releases, marketing materials, and company websites to ensure that such disclosures are not false, misleading, or inconsistent with other government filings."

 Mike Dillinger, Heather Palmer, Evan Grosch

4. 14 Ways to Prepare for Your First General Counsel Role

"Also, learn to accept that sometimes your time is more valuable than the elimination of a small risk, so learn to prioritize your work so that you focus on matters that have a high probability and a high magnitude of risk."

Ashoo Sharma, Kimberly D. Lerman

3. The Role of Product Counsel 

"Successful product counselors serve as important connectors between business and legal, educating their business partners on regulatory issues and educating legal partners on business issues so legal can more effectively drive toward business goals."

Jessica Robinson

2. Data Breach! A Playbook for the First 72 Hours 

"If the data incident that you are managing is serious, ensuring that the first hours are handled in the most expedient way will support future loss mitigation and damage control."

Stephen H. Baird, Simon Elliott

1. ChatGPT and AI Applications for In-house Lawyers 

"With the right implementation, AI and GPT could greatly benefit the legal industry, but it is important to be cautious and responsible when using these technologies."

Spiwe L. Jefferson

As we reflect on the wealth of knowledge and guidance offered in 2023, we eagerly anticipate the trends and innovations that will shape the legal landscape in 2024. These articles not only equip in-house counsel with the tools needed for today's challenges but also set the stage for continued growth and adaptation in the coming year.