2023 ACC Top 10 30-Somethings: Jamie Oh

The ACC Top 10 30-Somethings awards recognize in-house counsel between the ages of 30 and 39 for their innovation, approach to challenges, well-rounded perspectives, contributions to the in-house community, and pro bono and volunteer work.

In today's rapidly evolving tech industry, job hopping has become a common phenomenon, with professionals often seeking new opportunities every few years. However, there are individuals like Jamie Oh, associate general counsel for Twitch, an interactive live streaming service focused on gaming and UGC (user-generated content), who have defied this trend by staying with a company for an extended period, thereby demonstrating their dedication and passion for their work.  

Born in California to South Korean immigrants, Jamie deeply admires her parents' courage and resolve as they overcame language obstacles and successfully established a small business. Their experiences fostered in her an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a knack for solving complex problems.  

Jamie’s immigrant roots have not only shaped her work ethic and resilience but also provided her with a unique perspective as she navigates the tech industry and fosters an inclusive environment within her legal team. As she helped build out Twitch’s legal department, she actively recruited diverse candidates for open legal positions, leading to a more inclusive and diverse set of viewpoints.

"I wanted to be in a space where it was a little bit not established yet. I think Tech was intentional for me. I've always found it to be an interesting space: the intersection of technology, social media, and new media."

Jamie oh

Prior to her venture into tech, she gained experience in the traditional media space, working for a Korean media company that produced films and television shows. However, she wanted more creative freedom and the challenge of uncharted legal territory. “I wanted to be in a space where it was a little bit not established yet,” she shares. As one of the company’s first transactional attorneys, she developed the legal playbook for Twitch's interactions with its creator community, including monetization tools and products. “I think Tech was intentional for me. I’ve always found it to be an interesting space: the intersection of technology, social media, and new media,” she shares.  

Jamie joined Twitch in 2016, shortly after its acquisition by Amazon, and stepped into a company that was still in its early stages but growing rapidly. The company intrigued her with its potential to revolutionize content consumption. Over her career at Twitch, Jamie has been instrumental in securing key strategic deals with partners such as NBA, Activision, Riot Games, and NBC Sports. “Coming to Twitch at that time and being in the weeds of trying to figure out and structure those deals, was exciting,” she remembers. Additionally, she structured, negotiated, and closed first-of-a-kind distribution deals with Samsung and Sony (which makes PlayStation), making the Twitch app readily available on their devices and broadening Twitch's audience reach.  

"There are different ways you can be a leader in a way that feels authentic to you."

jamie oh

As Twitch expanded, so did the responsibilities of Jamie's legal team. Their collaborative efforts led to innovative projects, such as digitizing agreements to simplify the drafting process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they expertly managed the legal intricacies of hosting TwitchCon events in Amsterdam and San Diego. The team is now focusing on understanding French legal requirements for the upcoming TwitchCon in Paris, slated for July 2023. Their collective preparation and foresight continue to meet each challenge head-on. 

Navigating her leadership journey, Jamie faced rigid expectations of bold, vocal leadership styles common in tech. However, these didn’t align with her own approach. Inspired by the contrast between Steve Jobs’ charismatic style and Tim Cook’s measured one, she realized effective leadership can take many forms. Jamie now champions authenticity in leadership, acknowledging, “There are different ways you can be a leader in a way that feels authentic to you.”  

Despite personal challenges, she has managed her team effectively and provided a unique perspective that led to more innovation in addressing the needs of the Twitch community. Her leadership style exemplifies balance and resilience; she's not only navigating executive level challenges but also developing future legal minds through Twitch's legal internship program. 

Jamie's Twitch career exemplifies the possibilities and growth opportunities within the tech industry. Her passion for technology, coupled with her legal expertise, allowed her to play a pivotal role in shaping Twitch's trajectory. Through her experiences, she has discovered the power of authentic leadership, the importance of diverse perspectives, and the value of building strong relationships in the workplace.

Jamie Oh's acceptance speech for ACC's 2023 Top 10 30-Somethings.